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Bitrefill Blockchain Startup Introduces Thor Service


The Bitrefill blockchain startup, based in Sweden, created the Thor service, which allows to open an empty channel on the Lightning network from a startup node, as follows from the company’s press release.

Using this service, each user will be able to receive bitcoins through Lightning channels, knowing only the link and the crypto wallet. The startup plans to open channels for a month with a throughput of up to 16 million Satoshi. Bitrefill is responsible for all the technical work.

The service will be paid, users can pay with cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, DASH, or using a Lightning payment.

John Carvalho, Bitrefill spokesman, stated in an interview with CoinDesk that Thor provides users with the opportunity to connect to Lightning, regardless of whether they possess BTC or not. They just need to download and install one of the wallet applications and then can go to Bitrefill and pay for opening a channel.

The main idea of the authors of the Thor service is that anyone can connect to the Lightning Network and use a hot wallet. Bitrefill specialists still have a lot to do to make the service even more convenient, Carvalho added.

Bitrefill has been testing Lightning payments for over a year. The startup, which has only 12 employees, gave the opportunity to pay bills for telephone and cable services, as well as to conduct many other transactions. Bitrefill is among the top five companies that increase the throughput of the Lightning network, according to 1ML.com.

As previously reported, the number of nodes on the Lightning Network exceeded 5000.

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