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Tether Defeats Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, Becomes the Fifth Largest Cryptocurrency

Tether took a new move today – it surpassed the long-standing Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. At press time, USDT or Tether counts among the top five cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap. Image source – https://coinmarketcap.com/ Notably, while the other largest cryptocurrencies are declining with the red figures over the past 24hrs. In contrast, …

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Tron’s Justin Sun Responds to Simon Morris and Questions Around BitTorrent’s Token Roll-Out

As reported by coingape, Tron recently announced it would be rolling out a separate token for the acquired company BitTorrent. Criticizing this Ex-BitTorrent executive Simon Morris recently commented that there’s no way Tron will manage BitTorrent’s token. Tron’s founder Justin Sun responded to Simon Morris and other token roll-out comments …

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Blockchain Under Threat in China, Govt. Enforcing “New Regulations on Blockchain Management’ From February 15

Chinese media reports that last year, netizens in China have used Blockchain technology to record the ‘open rape letter of North university student’ as the evidence (which had happened 20 years ago). So to preserve the national security and public interest, Chinese officials on Jan 10, 2019, have released ‘new …

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News Flash: Did Google Blacklist “Ethereum” keyword in Google Ads Without Intimation?

Recently on January 09, 2019, a group of Ethereum blockchain developers from ‘Decenter’ claimed that ‘Google blacklisted Ethereum in Google Ads’. Businesses centered on crypto mechanism pursued joyful leadership when Google finally reversed its Ad policy in October last year. Seemingly, they again restarted advertising their crypto businesses using Google …

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Crypto Rankings’ Shake-Up Follows Yesterday’s Market Crash as Bitcoin Stays Around $3,400

Crypto Rankings' Shake-Up Follows Yesterday’s Market Crash as Bitcoin Stays Around $3,400

Saturday, Dec. 8 — Amid a new collapse in the crypto markets yesterday, cryptocurrency ranks are continuously changing as various coins overtake each other by market capitalization. While greenprevails among a number of top 100 coins, the markets are trading sideways, with the total market cap hovering at the same levels as yesterday. …

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