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EOS Tokens Outrun Bitcoin And Ether By Transaction Volume


During three months, EOS tokens were ranked first by the amount of transactions, going ahead of bitcoin and ether.

According to statistics by Coinmetrics, from November 2018 to January 2019, EOS, TRX, ETH, XRP, and BTC were leaders in terms of the operation volume. At the same time, EOS tokens took the lead with a significant advantage, overtaking the other cryptocurrencies more than twofold.

During this period, the daily volume of operations with EOS was an average of 6-7 million transactions. These figures in the TRX network were about 2 million operations per day, almost three times less.

Ether took the third place with 500 thousand operations per day, and XRP tokens slightly overtook Bitcoin with its daily volume of 250 thousand transactions.

As Peter Ryan, a CoinDesk analyst, notes, usually transactional activity for platforms running smart contracts is much higher than for other cryptocurrencies that function as store of value assets.

The community had mixed opinions about the posted statistics. Some suggested that EOS artificially inflates rates, and others consider the volume of transactions a very dubious indicator for showing popularity of a digital currency.

In particular, a user named cyber_hokie tweeted that the EOS and TRX networks like to play on the number of transactions, which increase if you just send the same money between two addresses back and forth for a whole day.

Previously, ether regained the second place in terms of capitalization.

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