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New Solution Of Bloxroute Startup To Improve Blockchain Efficiency


The Bloxroute Labs startup announced a partnership with Rawpool Group, a Chinese mining company, and Yeecall, a video development software firm, to test the first version of its Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN), Bitcoin.com reports.


The Bloxroute representatives assert they can improve the efficiency of distributed ledger by spreading blocks in a neutral way. The introduction of their solution will allow nodes to maintain consensus while being neutral even taking into account thousands of transactions occurring each second during mining.

Together, the three companies will begin testing the solution in February 2019. Then, in March, the second more global testing phase will begin, in which many users will take part. According to Bloxroute’s statement, its interface will work with the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.


After the launch of the first version, BDN will become a completely functional network having 15 nodes located on five continents, the company’s representatives state. The developers plan to continue working on scaling and intend to increase the number of nodes from 30 to 50 by the third quarter of 2019.

The Bloxroute experts suggest that in March, the tests should attract a large number of mining pools as the company considers its product to be the exclusive solution that solves the issue of scalability at its root. The whitepaper says that BDN will provide users with the ability to distribute blocks and accept transactions faster than it is possible in any other counterpart.


As previously reported, Bank of America plans to obtain a patent for a blockchain system to improve financial operations with fiat.

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