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Tobacco Stores In France Start Selling Bitcoin Coupons


At least six French tobacco shops, known as Tabacs, started selling bitcoin coupons, Reuters reports.


Tobacco shops received the official permission to sell the cryptocurrency coupons at the end of 2018 from the country’s central bank unit.

The initiative to sell crypto was taken by the French financial and technological company Keplerk. In 2018, it entered into an agreement with a payment software provider that allows selling vouchers.


The Keplerk representatives reported that 24 tobacco shops are already trading coupons in Paris. It is expected that there will be 6500 stores across the country selling them by February 2019.


Currently, three types of coupons for 50, 100, and 250 euros ($57, $114, and $286) are available for purchase. They have alphanumeric and QR codes. The owner of the vouchers can later exchange them for bitcoins or ethers in the wallet on the Keplerk website. The company charges a fee of 7%, of which 1.25% goes to tobacco shops.


Many people consider the acquisition of cryptocurrency via the Internet a complicated matter, buyers trust the seller of their tobacco store more than some unknown website, Adil Zakhar, the Keplerk co-founder, stated.

The famous in France Tabacs are already selling various goods besides cigarettes. Customers can buy here newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets, etc. This range expansion allows compensating for the decline in revenues from tobacco sales.


As previously reported, Church’s Chicken, a fast-food company, began to accept cryptocurrency in Venezuela.

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