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tZERO Announces Beginning Of Trade In Security Tokens

tZERO Announces Beginning Of Trade In Security Tokens


tZERO, a branch of Overstock, one of the world’s leading retailers, announced the launch of its trading platform for security tokens. This information was published by the press service of the company.

Depositors with accreditation may conduct secondary trading with security tokens using accounts of Dinosaur Financial Group, which will provide brokerage and dealer services.

A transparent and effective way to form capital with the help of blockchain became real, tZERO took another step towards its development, Patrick Byrne, Overstock executive director, stated.

The launch of tZERO marks the emergence of a secondary trading platform in the field of security tokens that meets the requirements of regulators, company’s head Saum Nursalehi stressed. The platform, in his opinion, will boost the recognition of security tokens, and will also create liquidity and bring trust to the world financial markets.

Developers have been creating a platform for more than four years. tZERO has established a basis for trading in other tokenized assets, including debt instruments, goods, and real estate. In the summer of 2018, tZERO managed to attract more than $130 million from thousands of investors during the token sale.

Elliot Grossman, Senior VP at Dinosaur Financial Group, stated that he was astonished with tZERO’s achievements and hoped to be a part of the blockchain revolution.

As previously reported, tZERO began distributing tokens to investors, which they acquired during the ICO in the summer of 2018.

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